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    Bootcamp XP partition delete HDD now fully OSX but no boot !

    I recently began experimenting with bootcamp on leopard i had two partitions windows, leopard, and a ton of free space on the hdd that came from the partition were tiger was situated but subsequently removed. I have attempted to regain this space by using methods other users on the forum have suggested but to no avail. I then very stupidly decided to go down my own route and "just try something out" ! so i used bootcamp to take my windows partition off and restore my mac osx back to full size this still left me with 70 gb free space (from the tiger partition) completly unused, so i partitioned this as an ms dos sile system with disk manager with the intention to install windows into it... i booted back into leopard and began bootcamp it came up with the option to continue installing windows in the partition i had alloted so i thought everything was going peachy, the windows install failed several times and with different formatting options in the windows install including formatting the ms dos file system to NTFS (bassically the only choice as the partition was over 32 gb) and installing it there. This having failed i decided i would boot back into leopard and use bootcamp to get rid of the windows partition to try again. I did so and to my delight it formated it back to the full 140gb size all for OSX i then rebooted only to get a grey screen with a flashing file with a question mark in it. Using a BORROWED Leopard disk i can boot into disk utility and it gives me the information for my osx partition: diskos2 (used to be named OSX) Format MS DOS FAT (obviously my mac partition was a mac compatible partition type).

    Normally i would just reinstall Leopard but i recently moved house and have mislayed my disks as mentioned i borrowed a freinds disk but they will only install on an i mac not a Mac book pro so if there is any way other than going to the shops and forking out for a new leopard disk i would love to hear it.

    Thank you very much

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    So is the Mac OS X partition deleted? MS-DOS FAT is your Windows partition. The last time I installed Windoze on a Mac, it became the default boot option for some reason - try holding down the Alt/Option key when you boot the computer to see all bootable partitions.
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    thanks for your feedback when i tried this still nothing but dont worry i decided it was time to go out and get me leopard (again) man that was annoying owell these things happen im pretty sure it was almost completly screwed if im honest and a fresh reinstall never hurts to blow out the cobwebs. thanks for your swift response once again macforums

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