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    Acquisition: Disappearing 'Browser'

    I use Acquisition's filter option quite heavily so I sometimes minimise the Acquisition 'Browser' (similar to the iTunes 'Browser'). This gives me more space to see my search results when I use multiple filters.

    However, when I once used enough filters to span the entire 'Search Results' pane, it covered the search results. As usual, I completely minimised the 'Browser' to see some results. The problem now is that I cannot invoke the 'Browser' to come back. In fact, I can only see the lower half of the (artist/album/audio bitrate/etc) bar.

    iTunes uses '#B' to invoke the 'Browser' but Acquisition doesn't have a shortcut.

    Is there any way of restoring these settings?

    I have already tried reverting to the default search appearance, re-installing, moving the 'Acquisition' folder from ~Library>Application Support to the desktop but had no success.

    Here is a link to the appearance of my Acquisition search window:

    Please help!

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    Oct 20, 2008

    What a ridiculous solution! I merely re-sized the window to be smaller, using the corner tab and this seemed to reset the little grabber for the Browser.

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