So I am having a little problem syncing my IMAP Gmail account with Entourage 2008. I have double and triple checked my settings and they are exactly what is specified by Google. However, when I load up Entourage and attempt to download my mail it will receive 25-50 message (on initial setup) out of about 3500 then give me Error 1025. I have now done this process what seems like hundreds of times and received most of my mail, but it still seems there are 5 messages hung up somewhere according to the status bar. However, if I send a test e-mail (from my university e-mail account which is also IMAP and works great in Entourage) then it will receive that message but gives the error with what seems to be the 5 messages left out on the server. Also when I initially setup this Gmail account in Entourage it would not fetch any of the mail until I told it to download the full message bodies in the account options. Shouldn't I be able to just retrieve the headers no problem, then as I need them retrieve the bodies? If anyone knows of a solution to my problem it would be greatly appreciated.