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Thread: Macbook Pro and Final cut pro

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    Macbook Pro and Final cut pro
    hello all,

    I am still currently a PC user but i am switching next year for my film program at college. I was first going to go for an iMac but found out i will need a laptop as well. The Macbook Pro seemed to be the perfect solution.

    I am only concerned with the power i will get out of it. I will be using Final Cut Pro studio 2 and some Adobe CS4 products like after effects and photoshop. I have also found out i will be dealing with HD video. Specifically DVCPro from the Panasonic HVX200's we will be using. Is a Macbook Pro sufficient for the kind of video editing?

    I was planning on getting the 2.8Ghz, 4GB, MBP. I am currently using a 1.8Ghz core 2 duo (i skimped unknowingly!) and have 6GB of ddr2 ram. If i'm buying a new Mac, i want to make sure it not only can handle it but, do it with comfort. (ive always been a desktop pc guy, and have never owned a laptop/macbook)

    I will be purchasing it next summer, so i can take advantage of the Student developer's discount, so my next question is: will there likely to be tech upgrades by then?

    Thanks for your time, ive been searching for days, but can only find vague answers to my questions involving earlier versions of the MBP.

    Sorry about the long post!

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    We don't know if there will be updates by then... probably not.. hopefully updates to software though.

    The computer will do just fine for what you are going to be doing. Do not worry.
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