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    Looking for a good open ended rpg
    Hi all.

    Well after playing world of warcraft for over a year I have finally decided to quit as all of my friends have quit as well. The thing is that I really do not wish to get into another MMORPG as the cost is just not worth it.

    So I am wondering if there are any really good and really large MMORPG's out there that do not need an internet connection to play, perhaps like Fate for windows? I have an Intel macbook 13"


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    Apr 09, 2008
    Guess not

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    You might want to wait longer than an hour or two for a response

    Isn't guild wars MMORGP but without a monthly fee?

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    the elder scrolls: oblivion is a vast single player RPG that plays like an mmorpg, but if completely offline. not sure if there is a mac version, but if you have bootcamp, it might work, though it may be too taxing for a macbook. works great on my ps3 though
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    Though not really "open-ended" so much, the original Neverwinter Nights has thousands of modules that people have created for a ridiculous amount of content. I don't know about NWN2 as I haven't gotten into it much yet.
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    You do know what MMORPG stands for don't you?

    Try Oblivion!

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    i would try oblivion, it works amazing on my new Late 2008 macbook. granted around the grass it lags but other than that it works just as it should. I have the settings on Ultra High. Hope you find one!

    happy gaming!

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    Try the Geneforge series.

    Even though it looks like the graphics wouldn't have even be good 5 years ago, the gameplay is great.

    Oh, and there's 5 of them, of which I just finished up.

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    very useful information as i never knew it i will definitely try it thanks for such a useful recourse.

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