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    Best DJ software

    this summer i met a guy who used a very simple MAC application that let him mix tracks and add effects which made it sound pretty cool and original. Its not Virtual dj, and the interface seemed really easy....

    do you know that program? are there any programs that let you add tons off effects in a simple way and still make it look good?


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    HI, you can use TRAKTOR DJ STUDIO for mac it´s a very simple program.
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    yeah but i need something simple for playing live.

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    DJ'ing isn't simple. lol.

    Try Ableton Live if you want, but it's not that simple either.
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    I use Disco XT once in a while. Pretty cool program.

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    Most Pro DJs on a Mac will be using Ableton Live. It's pretty easy to get into, but has a lot of depth. It's not cheap either; but it is an excellent program.

    The last time I saw The Orb live, they had two MacBook Pros both running Live, and that was it; you really don't need anything else.
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    definatly virtual DJ 5.o its whatt i use and it does everything u need for a DJ program

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    M-Audio also came out with a few versions of the program called Torq. It's included with a usb mixer when store bought. easy transport controls on the actual mixer (controller), lows, mids and highs levels, and 3 effects, fader, phaser and strobe. It even includes pitch control. There's also an option on the program itself to sync songs to each other to automatically match the bpm, and line up the beats themselves. It also shows the waveforms for even more ease. Then you just select any audio files on your computer and start mixing. Just load the ol' iTunes library and go at it. Its really simple to learn and get good at it.
    The only bad thing i have to say about it, is youll also probably need an external sound card for the cue (headphones) line.
    However, i found a nice USB sound card that enables you to have the headphones hooked up to that, and your main out from your mac's sound card.
    I found it at hard to find records. (Hard To Find - Vinyl Records, DJ and Music Technology Equipment)

    Hope this helps

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