Hi guys,

I thought I would post this in here as i'm sure other corporate environments have macs and you may have had this issue.

It would apprear that since moving our exchange server and correctly updating it(was missing updates before), that our macs using Entourage can no longer view newsletter type emails that are in HTML. The come out with all the code but it doesn't display correctly.

See picture below:

The only solution we have found is to switch the user to Mac Mail, but this is where the problem begins, with Entourage the Calander would sync with exchange and add appointments to the users mail box.

When using Mac mail, mail will pull the calander info but list is as simply "Calander appoinment', you need to click the item, then double click an attachment like file which opens iCal, this doesn't really work as the user has no idea what calander appoinment is what.

So I did some searching, trying to get the info imported to iCal, which I can by setting up Entourage again, importing the calander info, then putting the user on Mail again, but the other problem is that iCal doesn't sync up with exchange, so any calander info is kept locally and can't be seen if the user logs into exchanges web interface if they are out of the office or overseas and don't have their macs with them, as well as being a risk if the mac dies.

Does anyone have a solution......