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    Question Question on Backups?
    Ok, so I have 3 new Macs.. macbook, macpro, and imac. All will be on the wireless network. I want to setup some kind of backup program to backup certain files from each computer to an external drive connected to the Imac.

    What might be the easiest way to go about this? I thought about creating 3 directories on the external (1 for each drive).. sharing them with the other macs, then have a program do incremental backups of certain directories to the correct directory on the external. But am I right in thinking that Time Machine can't do incrementals, and won't work for what I need to do?

    I know there are other options for backup apps, but should I go about this a different way completely?

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    create partitions to isolate the TimeMachine files
    TimeMachine can be set to not backup certain files.

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