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Thread: New to Mac - Word won't work in Office 2008

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    New to Mac - Word won't work in Office 2008
    Hi all

    I installed Office 2008 a few months ago on my new imac - all the applications worked fine but now, 'Word' won't open at all - when I click on it a question mark appears over the icon. I have lost the disk also, so i can't try to re-install. As this is my first mac i haven't any idea what i need to do to to make it work!

    Any help greatly received!


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    I would contact MS or Apple. Try to get a new disc from MS, hopefully you have proof of purchase...

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    If you registered your copy of Office 2008 with Microsoft and you still have the product activation keys (should have three keys), give Microsoft Customer service a call and they will supply you with a new installation disk for a nominal cost plus shipping and handling.

    If you didn't register and likewise lost the product activation keys, then you are out of luck and will have to purchase another copy.


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