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    Anonymous browsing tool?
    Does anybody happened to hear about any utilities which can be used with Mac OSX for bpassing proxy server, or anonymous surfing? This is for accessing the blocked sites in a typical corporate network

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    I don't believe you will be able to bypass corporate blocking of sites. Which is typically done via firewall rules.

    If you really want to by pass corporate firewall, go to your local cafe shop at luch time and do you surfing. With the job market the way it is it will save you from loosing your job.
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    Lol I agree...Corporate fire walls will be configured on the server your works pc is using as a gateway to the external internet.

    In simple terms the route you are taking is probably like this :-

    You at your desk -> *Your 'workstation'/Pc -> The 'server/Corporate PC' -> Firewall running on the 'server/corporate PC' -> Gateway/Main Hub(Router) -> a local ISP -> the rest of the world (the internet as you know it at home).

    In short, at the point you are trying to access the internet *your worksation/PC, the firewall will be preset to authorise your worksation/PC access the ISP/internet and if so, it will no doubt be set to authorise only some sites. For example most companies may allow a request from Google (if you're lucky) but not - Free Online Poker Games, Tournaments, Rules & News.

    In short you need to get your PC authorised on the servers firewall (which may even be a dedicated firewall hardware kit).

    Now there is one little trick you could try...but I cant guarantee it will work on your system as the administrators may have disable the function.

    What I have done in the past with my bosses permission...and I can not stress enough your must have permission from your boss or system administrator. Buy a usb wireless dongle and see if you can find a hotspot (free wi-fi connection) or a bluetooth dongle and use your mobile (if bluetooth enabled to access the internet.

    I would imagine that if your company has some savi and that the system is securely setup the usb/bluetooth or internet access will be disabled by the administrator and not accessible on your user login.

    I cannot stress enough I am not responsible for the outcome of your actions.
    Anything more than this would more likely construde hacking, misuse of company systems -> gross misconduct -> sack/P45

    Personally give the net a rest -> do some work -> get paid -> buy a mobile phone with internet access or wait till lunch time

    Hope this educative bit helps

    I am sure there are smarter suggestions but my novice ability does not yield hacking main frames and I certainly would not give it a go !!!!

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