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Thread: MSN webcam on Mac

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    Oct 07, 2008
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    MSN webcam on Mac
    I can't beleive I cannot use a Webcam on msn:mac with my friends on msn ?!?

    Please someone tell me that it's not true !!!


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    Mar 19, 2008
    get amsn , aMSN - Opening your communication
    it has webcam support and its better than msn
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    Unfortunately, it is true. Microsoft has no real reason to keep up to date their rival's version of MSN Messenger. If you are interested in video, aMSN is probably your best bet.

    Someone really needs to develop a video/audio capable chat application for OS X environment. Adium was supposed to be working on one for quite some time, but there is no sign that they are ready to release it any time soon.

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    I installed aMSN, but it's very bad interface. And the prog is slow as ****. Prefer not to use webcam than use this. Thanks anyway.

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    You could try Mercury messenger. It has webcam support but is ugly as ****.

    Adium is supposed to support audio/video in its 2.0 release (AFAIK).
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    yea i just tried amsn it sucks so bad not even worth the fact ur webcam can work

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