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    Hi! I need some help with Mac OS X Mail

    1- After 3 hours of painfull work, I finally succeed to set-up my Hotmail account with Mac os x Mail. But it's very slow, sometimes it can take up to 12H before the mail client is able to retreive a e-mail from my hotmail account. I've done this using MacFreePOPS. (Because Hotmail do not allow us to retreive e-mails with a client with the standard hotmail)...
    Does anybody know why it is so slow ???

    2- I synchronized my Gmail account very easily in comparison with hotmail. But since a couple days it always display 1 unread message in my Gmail.... And there is not. Is anybody know how to fix that ?

    Thank You !

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    I have OSX 10.4.11 on a MBP first Gen. I used the HTTP mail plugin and my Mail works 99% of the time with my hotmail account. The only annoying thing is when I log into my hotmail account, there are like 400 messages on there as when they download onto your mac you are organising them from there and not the actual Hotmail server.

    here is a link to the plugin...

    httpmail plugin 1.52 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker

    I love mail and this made my day when i first discovered it.

    hope this helps!

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    Thank you Mel...

    I tried this one again (I had tried before using MacFREEPOPS)... dont' work with me
    You lucky it work for you !!!!
    If you check the reviews.... it seem to not work for a lot of people.... you need to have a very old hotmail account....
    Maybe I should resign to pay the 20$ per year to get hotmail plus....
    The point is not the money it's only the principle... I should have use Gmail instead...

    Ciao and thanks


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