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    Office for Mac 2008 & Entourage
    I have recently moved from Windows XP to Apple OS X.

    I purchased the Office for Mac '08 product and would like to install Excel, Word & Powerpoint. I want to use the Apple Mail, iCal products and do not want to use the Entourage product. I do not see any do not see a way to install the product without installing Entourage. Once you complete the install Entourage hijacks you system and assumes that Entourage is you primary email, calendar product.

    Does anyone know how to install the Office for Mac '08 product without installing Entourage?

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    I have entourage installed and didn't even know it was there. No hijacking going on over here, I sync my Blackberry with Address Book, iCal, and use the client with no problems.
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    is it possible to get mac word without the package?

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    You can install Entourage w/out it taking over all you mail/cal options. I beleive it asks you if you want to make it the Default mail/cal app, i chose no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Fulton View Post
    Does anyone know how to install the Office for Mac '08 product without installing Entourage?
    In the Office installer, on the fifth step ("Installation type") click the Customize... button, click the disclosure triangle next to "Office 2008", and un-check Entourage.

    If you've already installed it, then just Trash Entourage.

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    The default mail program is set in Mail's preferences.

    You can also safely delete the entourage program and no harm will come of it
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