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    Looking for map solution
    Hello All, I will soon be getting a job photographing houses. I will do 25-50 houses a day. I am looking for software or some other solution that would allow me to plan my route the most logical and efficient point to point the print it out. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    Google maps?
    masakatsu agatsu


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    May 07, 2007
    thanks for the tip Lifeafter but I am looking for an app or a website that I can put in all 25-50 address at one time to plan my route.

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    The only mapping software for a mac that resides on your hard drive is Route 66, and unfortunately, it is pretty crappy. Would do what you want, but it is really bad, and I'm not even sure if it is being updated any more. That is the one piece of software that I would love to see on a mac. Delorme used to support macs, but no more. Sure wish some developer would step up to the plate and give us mapping!

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