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    Halo Multiplayer = Dead?
    I have Halo for my eMac G4, 1.25 GHZ, with 2 Gigs of RAM. The most I've seen online is 7 servers, that is nothing. I tried to play against my friend who has a PC, but to no avail. Does Halo multiplayer differentiate between the standard version (which I have) and Universal Binary. Is it as simple as getting the update?


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    Both yours and friend need to have them both updated to the latest version, I just checked and mine showed 88 Servers and well over 450 players, I play against my friend on a PC over the internet and through LAN all the time. Just try updating and there should be a huge increase in the amount of players and servers

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    I'm an xbox guy, but i don't think 7 servers sound right.
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    He has the updated version, I don't.

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    Hi, which updater do you mean exactly? I downloaded Halo Universal Binary Release 2.0 off the apple website and still see no one in the server? Am I doing something wrong?

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