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    Dvd burning problem
    I have been trying to burn/copy my dvds using my mac so I can have an actual dvd copy of my movie. This is because my younger brother always seems to borrow them and scratch them up and not treat them good which tends to make them skip not read correctly.

    I'm not trying to put the dvds on my Mac because I don't have alot of storage left on my Mac, so I would rather just burn the dvd to a dvd. I have toast but it seems it wont burn my dvds that are css encrypted. Is there a burning program for mac that will go through the css encryption so I can burn a dvd to a dvd.

    (I have tried using handbrake and mac the ripper but everytime I put it on a dvd the quality is not good and the sound is not as good as on the original dvd)

    If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it because I am basically a newbie at this and I don't know all the tricks like everyone else does.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I don't know if you can make a copy other than by ripping (which results in poor quality) on your Mac. Find a friend with a PC. There are several free programs for Windows which will copy a CSS protected DVD. You need to be aware though that it is not legal to copy the disk even if it's your own - at least here in the US.


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