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    Problem to configure pop gmail for thurnderbird

    I recently removed my older version of Thunderbird and replaced with the newest version I tried to configure the pop gmail but I wasn't able to load my old email from the server into thunderbird, BUT ONLY NEW MAIL. When tried to write an email in thunderbird and send it to myself. It did not receive in thunderbird. Then when I logged in into my account by using browser, the email has shown on my inbox. I don't know why....Below is my setting. Also I had enable the POP Mail feature in gmail account setting.

    port: 995
    Uncheck "Leave message on server"

    SMTP Outgoing Server
    Port: 587

    I'm getting frustrated..I don't know what to do. I'm using macbook version 10.5.4.

    Please help

    Thank you.

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    Are those settings the same as in the previous version of Thunderbird? Also, try changing the pop to pop3. For the outgoing mail, 587 is a submission port (ie. anti-spam measure), and 995 is a secure pop setting.

    I don't know what your country ISP standard port settings are, but I use 110 for pop3, and 25 for smtp. It would be a remarkable coincidence, but maybe your gmail server settings have been changed in order to make use of the more secure settings since you changed to the new version of T'bird.

    I note that some people experiencing the problem you've described get around it by creating a new user account with their mail ISP.

    Lastly, can you not load all your "old" email to your computer via webmail, and then delete it from the server? That way all you've got is the "new" mail which you're able to access successfully anyway.

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    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I tried pop3..but still didn't work either. Yes, no need to load old mail, that's fine. Right now my new mail couldn't be loaded totally. It acting up crazy now. I just deleted the whole program and re-install and re-configure it. I will reply you after I set up my pop mail, and see if it work.

    Thank you. I will keep you posted.

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