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    Question Combat Flight Simulators for Mac
    Hi all, I am new of this forum.
    Does anybody know if there are sono good and realistic combat flight simulators for mac (such as the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulators for pc) and also some strategy games and firts-person-shooting games? I tried xplane (the demo): it is really impressive, but the combats are not so good...

    Another question: in a forum I have seen that a guy was complaining since bootcamp-ing his 24' imac, Microsfot Combat Flight simulator didn't recognize the Core 2 Duo architecture: thus he had to "shut down" one core and play the game with an awful rendering... Is it possible???

    Last question: if I buy a 4Gb RAM imac, can I play these games under a Virtual Machine (Fusion), or bootcamp is definetively required?

    Thanks and regards


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    For playing games, you need to use Bootcamp. Virtualising will only allow 2D graphics and not 3D accerated graphics needed to play games.

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