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    Excel 08 Charts
    Ok, so in Excel 08 I can't seem to get my bar graph to have vertical bars. It won't let me change from horizontal bars to vertical bars. This seems like a relatively easy thing.

    In the tool box there is something about sizing and rotation, but non of the options I would use to align the graph properly are able to be clicked..

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    Howdy. When you use the wizard, in the second screen you can choose either bar or column graphs. CTRL + Click the chart, then choose Data source (or something like that... I am 1,000 miles from Excel) and change it there.
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    41 success.

    I don't know why its default for bar graphs to have horizontal bars, most bar graphs have vertical bars...

    any help would be much appreciated.

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    Vertical bar graphs are now apparently not called bar graphs but column graphs. It's just a completely different option in chart types (between bubble and doughnut)... so just use your data and redo the graph with the "column" graph. Took me at least an hour to figure that out, so annoying.

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