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Thread: Is mobileme worth it?

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    Sep 29, 2008
    Is mobileme worth it?
    Hey guys..just recently bought my Mac and I have been hearing about mobileme for quite sometime sounds pretty cool, but im just not sure if it's worth spending that much money on. I don't have an iphone, nor do i plan on getting one...was just wondering if i would be able to maximize the features of mobileme if i do decide to purchase it.

    Pros and cons anyone?

    Appreciate the help

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    I think that without the iPhone mobile me loses a lot of its appeal, doubly so if you are not trying to keep to machines synchronised, the easiest way to tell if you will use it is to give it a go. if you go to you can sign up for a 60 day free trial.

    Good Luck.

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    if you're planning to set up a personal website and/or web gallery, MobileMe could be worth having a look as it's well integrated with iWeb

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    I have it and I really like it. Awesome with the iPhone stuff. I also love IMAP. I know it is free with gmail, but I am not a big fan.

    My only complaints are stability and the lack of being able to use a normal FTP client with iDisk.

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