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Thread: CoD4 for Mac

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    Sep 27, 2008
    CoD4 for Mac
    Hi i just got a Macbook, dont really know how to use it efficiently/effectively yet, but my first impressions are good. I have Leopard and from what i understand you can run Windows programs on it(from what ive heard rather). I was wondering is it that easy, can i buy Call of duty 4(windows version) and install it then play it, just like that?

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    the answers are in the windows section stickies

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    May 02, 2008
    you can now buy call of duty 4 for mac from shops, or download it from game agent.

    not all windows games will work from boot camp, vmware or parrallels. Its different for each game and each virtual machine.

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    none as of yet
    there's COD mac version but I'd go with xp thru boot camp I'd imagine more players on the windows game

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    I play the mac-only version from Aspyr, there are always plenty of players online.

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    1st off i downloaded i trail for my macbook and the grathics card isnt good enogh 2 run it intel GMA X1300 so i probs u can't do it on yours (quote;i just got a Macbook)
    2nd i got the PC version tryed to install though bootcamp it worked but still got the grathics card error so i think it would work though bootcamp but only with good GC

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