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    Unhappy XCode Problem
    ok hi every one im new here.

    anyway straight to the point. i am new to xcode and i am working on a project and i added a new "run script build phase" and now i have an error with that script. now want i want to know is how or where do i go so i can edit it or delete depending on what i made the script do. please help i have been banging my head trying to figure this out but i cant so please help. and i dont know if this the correct place for this question, if not would a moderator please kind enough to move, thanks.

    i have attached a pic of what it looks like.

    oh and im using mac osx 10.5.5 and xcode 3.0

    thanks in advance.

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    ok never mind i found out how to get rid of the problem. i just had to click the arrow next to targets and get rid of run scripts. anyway i got thanks anyway.


    sorry but i have new question...

    how do i make a help window or help text in xcode i have searched online but i have nothing useful. anyway i have made a .rtf called "Help Index" and i have it in xcode. but what do i do with it now? so i can be the help window. because when i run my program and i press help it says there is no help for this application so what do i do so my .rtf becomes that help window? thanks in advance

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