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    using AIM with a Mac notebook please help
    i am using aim on macbook and when someone sends me an instant message the dialogue box does not light up like

    when i use aim with windows. how do i fix it? thanks

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    What do you mean light up? If you downloaded Aim from, i really wouldnt suggest that you use that, iChat is much better and the icon will bounce when you get a IM.
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    or AdiumX is also really good.

    Aim for mac from is horrible and hasn't been developed for in many years yet they leave it up. It would be best to get a newly devloped aim client, either adium ichat or one of the many others discussed on the forums. You will find a list if you search for it as well as what people think of each one and who uses what.
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    lol just use works beter then aim...its free...but the downside is that you cant have like webcam chats.

    wen you open up ichat it should say something about a ichat acount.put your aol adress in there and do it

    thats how i do it


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