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    We have been using The Print Shop and are thinking of 'upgrading' to another program. What we are needing to do is create a newsletter that will have scanned documents in it at times (submissions of drawing, puzzles, etc, sent in by club members) and it also includes a calendar, which we would like to be able to tweek, and adjust (so that Wednesday - our club meeting day is larger than the other days) and add graphics to to decorate certain events. I am looking at getting the upgraded Print Shop, but I don't know how to find out if it has a more flexible calendar, the old one is not flexible AT ALL. I am also looking at iWork. Again, I'm not sure that it will do what I'm wanting it to do. Does anyone have experience creating calendars in either of these programs?

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    Give iWork08 a try. Pages has some nice templates and is easy to use. Also includes calendars. I'm not sure you can still download a trial copy of iWork08 or not. You might want to visit the Apple store. In any event, it sells for $79 at Apple but you can find it less expensive at Amazon or NewEgg.


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    yeah? Where?
    I have a 30 day trial of iwork08 and I have looked all through it, even did a help search and there is NOTHING about a template for calendars, could someone help me find it?

    Any other suggestions?

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