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Thread: re-install of 10.5 and mail

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    re-install of 10.5 and mail
    Hi all the virus known as microsoft office has my mac in a fairly trashed state and I cant get rid of it no matter how hard i try. So, I'm preparing to re-install. I've taken a backup of my mac drive. Once I re-install can I simply restore the /Users/<username>/Library/Mail directory and get my mac mail setup back (and all my former email messages) ?

    Thx in advance

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    If you've made a proper backup everything will be restored. Are you using Time Machine or another backup method?

    Also, what kind of difficulties are you having with MS Office? Maybe we can help. I'm using Office 2008 and it seems to work fine for me.


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    took my iBook G4 into an Apple store today in Minnesota because my Mac Mail is not running correctly. It constantly says that it is "Rebuilding Table of Contents......57%". When I try to delete messages, they do not shop up in my Trash folder. When I click back to my Inbox, the messages that I just deleted are still there. There is some sort of glitch and the techs at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store couldn't figure it out either. Has anyone else had an issue like this? And if so, what did you do?

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