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    Safari Quits Unexpectedly - When trying to download .RAR or .ZIP Files

    Everytime I try to download a .RAR or .Zip file Safari just Crashes. I can download .PDF files fine. This has only started yesterday. I reset Safari Settings but that did'nt help anything.

    Lets say Im trying to download a .RAR form a link to lets say rapidshare. I see the download coming up in the Safari Download Manager 2 seconds later - No more Safari and I receive "The Application Safari quit unexpectedly" Msg.

    I had a look around and cant find anyone that experienced this particular issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as at the moment I have been downgraded to my brothers Vista system for RAR and ZIP downloads.


    Oh system is MBP 2.5 and Safari 3.1.2 (fully updated) and no other software has been installed recently. I use UnRarX and Stuffit for compression.

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    I use Stufflt only. I guess you should try FireFox for Mac, it's totally better. Link to download
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    I have downloaded Firefox and all downloads coming down fine. Still would love to know what happened with Safari though.

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