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    Do you have to reboot
    im hopfully getting leopard for my mac somtime soon mainly so i can use windows and use some of my pc games that have been gathering dust for a while

    when i install it is it like rebooting your computer would i have to re install all the programs i had on before i intsalled the new operating system

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    Print out the instructions to boot camp and follow them to the letter.

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    I'm pretty sure there is an "upgrade" installation for a new version that would allow you to save all your apps, but I wouldn't recommend it. Its allways better to start fresh with a new operating system.

    Upgrade installs have been compared to pulling a table cloth out from a bunch of dishes and then trying to feed a new one back under them without disturbing the dishes.

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    Lmao, nice explanation aeiou.

    Yeah, just start off clean dude.
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