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Thread: iRed Lite VLC Problem

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    iRed Lite VLC Problem
    Hi Guys,
    I just downloaded the iRed Lite app. The thing is that I want to control VLC with my remote through iRed Lite. I can get every command to work like play/pause, next,volume up down, etc. The only thing is that I cant seem to fast forward or rewind. I made up a command which is

    tell application "VLC"
    end tell
    Then I did check syntax and it said syntax ok. Now when I try i out, I get an erroe saying

    Error while executing an AppleScript action:

    The variable fastforward is not defined.

    Please check the syntax of the script!
    I dont know whats wrong?? Please help me fast forward/rewind my Videos in VLC...

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    Aug 29, 2010
    Talking Remote Fast Forward/Rewind for VLC using iRed Lite
    Found a way to use iRed Lite to activate Forward/Reverse jumps in VLC, e.g. for controlling video playback.

    Can't use Applescript because VLC only supports a very limited range of Applescript commands, equivalent to the functions of the Apple Remote.

    Solution requires configuring of iRed Lite to use keyboard commands instead.

    The default VLC keyboard shortcuts for Step Forwards/Backwards are Alt-Command-Left/Right - but these didn't work very well in iRed Lite. It seemed to (sometimes) interpret the remote operation as a Next command which jumps right back to the start when playing a video.

    A workaround was to use VLC Preferences to redefine the required Hotkeys to a simple character. I used "a" for step forward and "b" for step backward. As "a" is already in used, it is first necessary to clear the associated hotkey to free "a" up for reuse. "b" was not used by default. Once the hotkey changes are saved, it is necessary to restart VLC for them to take effect.

    Then, it is a matter of using the editor function in iRed Lite to create new actions using the "a" and "b" hotkeys and assign these to the left and right arrows on the remote. Thereafter, the remote left and right keys will activate a "short forwards jump" and "short backwards jump" in VLC which equates to a 10 seconds jump.

    Holding the remote keys down will effectively fast forward/rewind as it send the jump command repeatedly until released.

    As a further variation, if desired, these or other hotkeys can also be assigned to medium or long jumps. Medium is 1 min - haven't tested long yet. I reassigned the "a" key to a "medium forward jump" and left the "b" as a short jump, so the behaviour is similar to Elgato Eye TV software in that the forward jump is longer to allow "skipping over unwanted content".

    Another option, which I haven't tried yet, would be to assign double clicks in iRed Lite to "long" jumps in VLC. This would involve defining additional hotkeys in VLC corresponding to the "long" jumps.

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