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Thread: slow browser- other same computer much faster

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    slow browser- other same computer much faster
    I posted this yesterday but can't find the post. And no one responded, so.. I will try again. I have macbook, 10.4.11 This seems to be a problem that has happened over time so I was not aware of the problem. Then the other day my friend came over with the same macbook - got onto my airport connection and his browser pages flew by without hesitation. That is when I knew that I had a problem. Browser pages take forever to load. I have used disk utilities and all that except for antivirus. I use mostly firefox and sometimes safari. Safari seems a bit faster but nothing significant. This problem is only internet related- I have no problems using my music apps., etc. I would appreciated any advice.Otherwise I'm just thinking of installing leopard but don't want new problems now either...any thoughts? thanks peoples!

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    Have you used Activity Monitor to see if anything might be hogging a lot of your RAM and/or CPU? Also, how full is your hard drive?

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