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    Web Page Stalling But Network Appears to be OK
    OS 10.4 - Web Page Stalling But Network Appears to be OK
    Intel Mac, 10.4

    In the past week, my computer suddenly started getting hung up on websites. Here is what's going on:

    The network/Airport signal is fine. A nearby laptop has no internet connectivity issues and web pages load easily.

    The problems occur via ethernet or wireless connection. I've gone back and forth with the Network Diagnostics utility. The conclusion always is that the computer has normal and functional internet connectivity but one of the steps is an Airport reboot.

    Turning Airport off/on will always restore stalled loading of a web page.

    Internetconnect and iStumble show consistent max signal from the modem.

    Problems occur when using Firefox or Safari.

    Hyperlinks within a website sometimes load easily and fast (at least for a few minutes) but opening a new website in a new tab or window always stalls the browser.

    Stalls sometimes resolve themselves, other times they time out without an Airport reboot.

    Pages with images are especially difficult to load and sometimes hang up with partial downloads.

    This all came up very suddenly and I've gone through several reboots and I've repaired permissions but the problem persists.

    Any ideas?


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    Same here, exact same symptoms on my new 13" MacBook Aluminium Unibody I purchased February 2009.
    Sad thing is that this doesn't happen in Bootcamp Vista or XP but it does happen in OSX 10.5.6.
    It happens with my Linsys router (in France), my Orange Box (in France), my Fritzbox router (the Netherlands) so in multiple countries the same problem. Will it be solved with using a real Airport as an access point?

    I've read it has something to do with the way Leopard handles automatic DNS configuration and tons of other explanations. The thing is there is no real solution out there and people are still experiencing this problem.

    Sucks having to boot into XP/Vista to be able to surf the web without periodic stalls.
    Mark Vergeer /

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