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    Need Help - MAC Application not working
    Hi Guys,

    I have an application which works with MAC OS only and is used by Doctors for thier analysis.I am a dentist and need this application desperatly to open & work to complete my project.Please can anyone help me in making this application open & work or suggest what could be the reason of application not opening or working.

    The application files & help files can be downloaded from (No Spam or Virus) .Appreciate any help.Please respond immediately for suggestions.You can also mail me on

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    well, i doubt many of us are willing to open some unknown app from some dude with one post, so, can you tell us a bit more?

    what machine and OS are you using?
    what kind of error are you getting?
    can you give us a link to the developer's site for the app?
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    Thanks for replying.I downloaded this application from American Journal Of Orthodontics site and it was developed by TDG Computing,Philadelphia which is hard to find now.

    I am trying to open it with my macbook but it gives an error as Unable to find required software and trying to open it in Windows gives an error as MIME Type,I am unaware of MAC programming and need help in identifying which software will be required to open this type of extensions.

    Please open the folder JCO Download and suggest what can be done.

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    Nobody in their right mind is going to download something off of the internet and run it on their computer, especially when even you don't know what it is or what it does.

    I suggest you try to contact the company that wrote it.

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