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    HELP - iCal Problem In Leopard 10.5.5
    I have a very weird issue, hopefully someone out there can know how I can get around this.

    I updated to leopard 10.5.5 and everything seemed fine, after a couple days I noticed a bug in iCal where I would open it normally but was unable to close it in the iCal tab, the only way to do it was to use command-option-esc and terminating the process. So, annoyed by that I decided to uninstall iCal and install it back from the leopard DVD, ok. But now the dvd won't install iCal for unknown reasons. I went to the apple website and downloaded iCal separately tried to install it and it said that "iCal is unable to install in this version of leopard".

    This is really bad... is there a way to get iCal back?
    please help if possible!

    ps.: I have no time machine to fall back to

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    If you uninstalled iCal by putting it in the trash can, hopefully you didn't empty the trash can so you can drag it out of there into your /Applications folder.

    Also, did you try downloading the 10.5.5 combo updater? It should let you upgrade again and, thus, overwrite iCal.

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    I have just updated to 10.5.5 and it seems to have deleted my iCal calendars.
    This is just another issue I have with iCal. I managed to sort most of my issues out, before updating and now I have no calendars.

    I believe Apple have a major problem with iCal. I just wish they would address it.


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    Use Pacifist
    I had the same problem and someone on another thread was having similar with Mail... recommendation was to use Pacifist (5 mouse recommendation from MacWorld) to extract what you want from the install disk. I did and it worked a treat - check it out here: CharlesSoft - software you always wished someone would write

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