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Thread: iTunes 8 Issues

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    iTunes 8 Issues
    Hey - at the weekend I bought myself a nice 1TB external drive. Also, I updated iTunes to version 8.

    After updating, I consolidated my library to the new external drive (from a previous external drive) and then resynced my iPod. What I noticed is that many of my album art covers were missing afterwards, even from albums I had previously bought fromt the iTunes store.

    I asked iTunes to go and get the artwork, which it did (mostly) but some are still missing, again even albums I bought and are still on the iTunes store.

    It seems that upgrading to iTunes 8 ruined my sorting preferences, because I have notced the artwork is messed up either where the album has a guest artist on it, or where it's a compilation. On my iPod, these now show up 3 or 4 times on coverflow, some with the artwork and some without. Some albums when playing will have no artwork on track 1, but track 2 does have it.

    So I need to spend some time updating my library, but this is slightly annoying. Anyone else noticed this?
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    General I think iTunes 8 is worse then iTunes 7, like 7 even more but now I got some fixing done on 8 so it Works the way I want, but I haven't looked regarding the artwork and I never brought any music from iTunes store
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    seems like for me that after updating to iTunes 8 programs such as iDVD and iMovie always crash when I try to add a song to a project.. Also, almost all of my music has the ! sign next to it, and it says it can not find the song. I too have a 1TB External HD.

    Really need to wrap up these videos so any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    ive lost all my cover flow on 167 songs and albubls..since the upgrade

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