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    Weird Microsoft Word formatting problem
    Alright so sometimes when I go and bold something on Word and I space down to the next line it automatically autoformats the next like to be bold. Although not that big of a deal it is pretty annoying to constantly have to keep hitting ctrl+b every time I want to type the next line. I'm sure it's just a setting on the AutoFormat or whatever but I can't seem to figure out a way to fix it. Anybody know how?!

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    Howdy. Although it isn't visible, Word carries the formatting of the paragraph in the paragraph symbol. Thus, if you highlight the last word in a paragraph and make it bold, often you will (unintentionally) select the paragraph marker. Hence anything you type after that will carry the formatting. To check this, click the backward P on the toolbar to show invisibles. Then the key is to make sure that you do not select the paragraph marker. Try it by putting the cursor at the end of the word, then hold down the SHIFT key and hit the LEFT arrow key until the whole word is selected. That should avoid getting the paragraph marker.

    Try that. If it is still a problem, then there is another issue that can creep in.

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