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Thread: VMWare Fusion Help

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    VMWare Fusion Help
    I recently bought a mac and installed vmware fusion. Although it is perfect for what I need, I can't seem to be able to use Isight on windows xp. I know that I have to install the apple drivers cd, my question is, how do I burn the CD? Do I have to install boot camp for this?

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    If you're using Fusion you don't need a drivers CD, as long as you are running both Windows and OS X at the same time.

    If you are using BootCamp you will need to burn the disk, though I have no idea how to do that.

    You should be able to go to one the menus at the top (can't remember which one it is, sorry), under one of them is the option to install VMWare Tools. Do that.

    Then if you go to where it says USB in that same menu you should be able to just select the iSight camera, which should then show up in Windows.

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    The Vmtools is instaled. When I click on connect isight camera, it gives me a message that says: "The "Apple Built-in iSight" device requires that you install Apple's Boot Camp driver disc in the virtual machine." The same happens the the apple bluetooth USB host controller. The infrared worked right out of the box...

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    I just managed to figure it out. To install these features I had to insert the Leopard CD, explore it and go into the boot camp part. Go trough the drivers and install the ones I needed there.

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    seems like the thing to do is start VMware and your Guest windows XP computer. then insert your original Lepoard DVD/CD install media.

    Connect the DVD/CD into your Guest system... this will trigger boot camp installation...

    VMware Communities: BlueTooth not working with VM Fusion ...

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    If you can't find the drivers on the bootcamp directory on the osx disk, then you can download them from the and point the driver setup to these files.

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