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    Looking for advice re: Mac-friendly CRM and SQL
    I run a company currently comprised of me and two business partners. The three of us operate out of our respective homes. I'm the primary business builder, but ideally all three of us should have access to our prospect and client data.

    All three of us have Macs.

    Currently, I have a very clunky system of tracking customer data in Excel spreadsheets. I also do our books with QuickBooks. As a result, I do way too much redundant and repetitive busywork because none of my stuff is cross-referenced.

    I really, really want to set up a SQL-style database so that I can pull in all of my existing data and cross-reference it with itself so that I never have to enter a person's data more than once. And I'd love to get this database online so that my partners can access it. But I would need to protect it from hacking.

    In an attempt to facilitate this, I just downloaded MySQL. But, having done that, I don't know how to proceed. And to be honest, I don't know if it makes sense for me to have taken the step of downloading it in the first place.

    Years ago, before I switched over to Mac, I learned and really enjoyed Microsoft Access. I would love to use a tool like this to create my database. I am not a programmer, but Access is intuitive enough for me to be able to use it pretty well.

    Does anybody have any advice for me? Am I being silly in wanting to design a database? Should I just buy a Mac-friendly CRM package? Is there a Mac-friendly CRM package that has bookkeeping functionality as well?

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    Well if you really want a database and you don't know a lot about web languages etc, then you might want to look at Filemaker, it's Mac and PC compatible. MySQL you would need to use something like phpMyAdmin with it, or create your own system.. so it might not be what you are looking for. Definitely try Filemaker out though, it's enough like Access that you could probably be up pretty quickly.

    I thought Quickbooks did have CRM functionality? I don't really use it.. we use Quicken and then for invoicing etc we use Freshbooks:

    Our company loves it

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    Microsoft Access conversion?
    Here's a thought that just occurred to me:

    I also have a PC. If I created my database on the PC using Microsoft Access, would I be able to do anything with the files on anything other than the PC? That is, would I be able to perhaps upload it to my website server and be able to work it through the internet? Or would it be possible to use the files on my Mac in any way?

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