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nwndarkness 09-11-2008 02:06 PM

iTunes won't stop downloading!
So after downloading iTunes 8, I downloaded 3 free tv episodes. Not only did it insist on downloading the HD version, but also the SD version as well. Now I just want to stop downloading these shows all together, but everytime I start iTunes it has me log in and it starts downloading the tv shows. How can I make it stop this?!

christm 09-11-2008 02:10 PM

just press pause and select them in the downloads list and press backspace or delete. Otherwise they will just resume when you next open itunes.

nwndarkness 09-11-2008 02:13 PM

That doesn't work... when it automatically checks for new downloads (everytime I start it) it still brings them all back. And I don't want to have to pause them everytime I want to download new podcasts or anything by just stopping automatic downloads at startup.

EDIT: Okay. It won't start downloading when I download new podcasts. I turned off automatic checking for downloads, but I would still like those episodes to not be associated with my account anymore.... is that possible?

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