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    Jul 23, 2008
    MACBOOK *white* 2.4GHz; 2GB RAM; 160GB HDD
    how to make size adjustment permanent with safari?
    hey guys, this is really bugging me. i play a flash based game ( on the net alot, and i like the browser to be only half size on this game (it actually helps me alot).

    i know how to make it the size i need it, the problem i'm having is that every time i close out of safari, it resets itself, and wont save my previous size.

    is there anyway to get it to save my browser size?

    if not, do you know whether or not firefox 3 saves it? i'm liking safari alot right now (first day using it actually) but this could be a deal breaker for me.


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    Jul 23, 2008
    MACBOOK *white* 2.4GHz; 2GB RAM; 160GB HDD
    firefox wont save my browser size either. guess i'm stuck.
    (man i love firefox 3 though.).

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