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    Hey all

    Im new to this forum, but not new to macs. I have had a macbook for the last year and a half and have recently (yesterday) bought an iMac.

    I use Messenger for mac on macbook and don't have any problems with it (apart from the obvious, nudges and webacm use) but when i installed on here (iMac) I have found that i cannot use a .jpg file for my profile pic??? and also when i want to add an emoticon and click 'add'. It doesn't save it??? I'm confused and was wondering if anyone had any ideas?

    Also, just tried to use aMSN and wouldn't sign me in, problem connecting to server.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried Adium?

    I use that as my MSN client and by and large I have no issues with it.

    Hope this helps.

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    I think MS is doing something with their servers, even Adium has had some intermittent connectivity issues lately. I thought the newest version that just came out might have some fixes, but the problems persist.
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