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Thread: File Recovery Software

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    File Recovery Software

    Since my OS 10.5 crashed lately I lost some important data (as photos, music etc...)
    I erased the HD using Disk Utility without overriding the data.
    The question is, is there a software that can recover all this data for me?

    Thank you =]


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    Here's a page I found by searching, subject is "How to unerase files in Mac OS X". Symantec produces data recovery software for erased files, and maybe this will help, but of course you have to buy their software.

    You can also Google something like "Unerase software for Mac" and you may find other sites as well.

    After you recover, it's time to start backing up your hard drive...

    Good luck, Noel

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    To the OP:

    The last version of Norton Utilities 8.02 (which includes unerase) for the Mac is more than 2 years old and reportedly does not work with either Tiger or Leopard.

    Symantec has not upgraded their NU for the Mac and has instead focused on AV and security software instead.

    I'm not sure if there is any other software out there that can unerase deleted or formatted Unix files\folders.

    If I find something I'll post back.


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