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    software help
    hi I'm new here and new to macs and i was wondering what software can be use to convert pc games to mac games if their are any

    thank you for your help

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    You need to use Mac games with OS X - there are variants of many PC games ported over for Macs - you should be able to check them out with the game's producers on the web. You can also use PC games with Windows if you install Windows in the Mac program Boot Camp. But I don't know of any programs to convert PC games to OS X.


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    Hi Mikey,

    I am not aware of any software that will convert pc games to run on a mac but you are able to run a windows operating system on your mac and then play your PC games as normal.

    There are a few applications that allow you to do this which normally you have to buy but "Q Emulator" is a freeware application which you can find at

    To run windows using Q Emulator you will need to have a windows installation disc.

    Hope this helps.
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