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Thread: itunes 8 question (how to removing itunes store link arrows?)

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    itunes 8 question (how to removing itunes store link arrows?)
    There are arrows next to my tracks in my list (list view) that take me to the itunes store when I click on them. In itunes 7 I could remove these is I wanted to. But I don't see this option in itunes 8.

    Does anyone know how to remove these store links in itunes 8?

    Also when I'm listening to a song say and I add in a new one in (drag and drop the mp3 into my master playlist) itunes will switch th the grid view. And I have to then change it back to the list view. That also didn't happen in itunes 7. I not to worried about that mind you. But it is rather annoying I'll say. A fix for it would be nice.

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    did some searching. this seems to work for me.

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    Oh wow. That worked a charm and so simple too. I think everyone should know of this.

    Silly on Apple for removing the option in itunes 8. *pokes out tounge at itunes team*

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    Hate that they does more and more "force" us to use iTunes Store, I want a good music program, and iTunes have it, but version 8 making me feel bad oO

    Took away alot of the settings you can change, made it harder to format iTunes they way you want

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