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    Pages Issues
    I am trying to use Pages as my primary program for short story and other writing forms. It seems to be full of all kinds of bizarre automated actions. The latest one has made the program so frustrating I can't use it and has screwed up my writing process. I will be in the middle of writing a line, not even half way through and every wors will all of a sudden go to the line below even though the current line isn't full, until I hit the space bar or type a new word and then it jumps back to the previous line along with the word typed, and it keeps repeating this action with every line. Any thoughts?

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    Howdy. Have you set up any kind of style formatting for the paragraph that would cause this? Try a different style sheet.

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    I'm using the blank template. But the thing is why would it do this 5 pages in all of a sudden?

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