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Thread: Frustrated New Mac Owner! Please Help If Possible.

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    Frustrated New Mac Owner! Please Help If Possible.
    As I have said in a previous post I have just changed over to a Mac after many years of PC`s.
    I still have a PC and will be getting rid of it once everything is set up and running on my Mac Book Pro, but I have some major problems, well properly not major its just I have no idea how to solve them! If anyone could please help I would be most grateful.

    From new I installed Microsoft Mac Office on to my Mac Book Pro. I then on my old PC created a CSV file of my contacts then calendar events. Tried to import them into Entourage, the programme goes though the motions but once finished there are no contacts in Entourage. I have also been unable to find a way to import my calendar events into Entourage.

    I have signed up for a trail with Mobile me. With this I have managed to import my calendar events into iCal but not Entourage!. With regards my contacts when I sync it wipes the contacts i have on the PC! I have set up Entourage as my default e-mail programme.

    My questions are:

    1) How do you import contacts from Outlook on a PC to Entourage on my Mac?

    2) How do you import calendar events from Outlook on a PC to Entourage on my Mac?

    3) How do you set the calendar in Entourage as my default calendar and once done can I delete iCal?

    4) When using Mobile Me which set of data is the `master` ie. Data on the Mac / PC (or iphone)?

    Sorry for the long post and so many questions but I have spent about three weeks now trying to sort this out on my own using the internet and help files and am now pulling my hair out. I was at one stage begining to regret getting a Mac, but have got over that now, I just what to get it all sorted and get rid of my PC once and for all.

    Many thanks in advance for any help.


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    See if these links will help you:

    I found those using Search with the words 'Convert Address Book files from PC'. There are a couple more but they didn't look to be quite what you were asking. As for the Calendar Events etc, hopefully another forum member can help. Try posting your questions on Google because someone out there knows!

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    Another method that seems to work on the internet is to use Thunderbird as a bridge

    INstall Thunderbird on the PC, let it convert your outlook mail to thunduerbird.

    Transfer the Thunderbird files over to the mac and let thunderbird use the files. Then either convert over to entourage or just keep thunderbird as your mail client

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    Many thanks to you both, off now it give them a go.

    Thanks again.

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    I tried the tip about using Thunderbird as a bridge, but can't seem to find the Thunderbird files to transfer them over the my new Mac. Can anyone help?

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