I used ScreenRecord 2 to record an interview from youtube. I saved it in .mov format. I opened it using quick time, and it was fine (no audio delay, clear quality, everything is great). Then I opened iMovie HD and imported the recording. It took about 2 minutes to import. Right after it finished importing, I played it in iMovie and something went wrong... The audio was delayed. And I thought that it was probably something I did that made it do that, so I deleted the clip, and re-imported it. I waited for another 2 minutes, played the clip, and still had a delay!
So what I do to fix this problem? Is it some sort of settings that I have to change? Or is there something wrong that I did?

Here are some additional information.
-Macbook, MAC OSX version 10.4.11 (not leopard)
-1 gig RAM
-2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
-Had it for an Year
-No Lag what so ever
-50 GB of free space
-Security/upgrade is on-date.

Here are some info about the video
-I am using iMovie HD to edit this video
-I recorded the screen using ScreenRecord 2
-The video is on .mov format
-I had to Lag/ problem experience during the recording, and the importing.

Please some one help me out, this is actually an assignment due in friday