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    Disk Utility
    I'm trying to burn data on to a dvd. It has 4.7gb..

    Whenever I try to burn the burn folder it tells me to insert a blank disk.. I've tried different different dvd's in the spindle just in case the first was faulty.. but I still get the same message...

    How do I burn this data?

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    Some quick hints:

    1. Finder burn - Insert a blank CD or DVD into your burner and drag and drop the files you want to burn onto the CD or DVD icon. Drag the icon to the Trash and Mac OS X will burn the data to the disk before ejecting it.

    2. Burn folder - Create a Burn folder in the Finder and drag files into the folder. Click the Burn button on the burn folder's window and Mac OS X will burn copies of the original files to a CD or DVD.

    3. Disk Utility - Copy all the files you want to burn to one folder and use Disk Utility to create a disk image of the folder. Burn the disk image to a CD or DVD with Disk Utility.

    4. Freeware - Search MacUpdate for "burn" and you'll find several free disk burning programs.


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