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    Question MSN: Mac Problems...
    So I installed MSN:Mac (I think it's the latest edition) on my MacBook but I've found two problems...
    1) It won't let me change my MSN display picture
    2) I can't add emotocons

    Does anyone know how I can fix it?
    Please and thank you

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    Last time I checked, Microsoft Messenger was quite outdated. You might prefer Adium.
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    Choose Microsoft Messenger> Preferences> And then (somewhere in there) a "change display picture" will come up.

    Hope this helps!

    Also, I was wondering if it was possible to view handwritten messages. If so, how?
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    hmm... I downloaded Adium but I'm gonna need a few pointers on how to use it... Is there an option where you can view all of your contacts, online and offline ones rather than just the online ones? Can I change the general layout of the contacts list, my display name etc like I can on MSN? And you know the "iTunes" option you can have on the Personal Message, can you have it so that it displays the song you're listening to rather than just "iTunes"?
    Sorry about all these questions xD Never used Adium before

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    mac Msn is sh!t anyway, constantly asking me so save convosations, and won't stop even when i tell it too, and doesn't do a good job of showing a new message come in.

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