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Thread: Perian Problem

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    Unhappy Perian Problem
    Hi Guys,
    After going through the Mac Forums, I decided to download and install perian for Quicktime to watch my movies in Front Row. But even though I have installed perian, I am unable to open any .avi files. Questions:
    1) I am using VLC but I cant use VLC for Front Row?
    2)I have Quicktime 7.5, do I need to buy Quicktime Pro for Perian to work?
    3) How can I play DVD Video files(.vob)!!
    I even restarted the Macbook a couple of times. The Perian version is 1.1. I thought the version might be corrupted so I downloaded one from the website. Still no luck. Please Help.

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    Yep, Tried that too, Still no luck!!

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