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    Smile Looking For A Special MenuBar Item...
    Recently i've noticed that i seem to be having to type my email address way too much when logging-in to websites etc. im just wondering if there is a menubar item (or possibly widget) that anyone knows of that i can use to store short pieces of text, such as my email address, and then with a single click be able to paste the text into a text field...i've searched but nothing seems to do the job...any ideas appreciated...


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    Quote Originally Posted by p0ssum man View Post
    i seem to be having to type my email address way too much ...any ideas appreciated.
    As I understand it, several or more Secure websites, like online banking, require you to type your email address or other identifying detail in every time, simply for security reasons.

    However, in FireFox (not sure about Safari, I think it's called Autofill), you can have the browser remember what you type into various fields. FFox > Prefs > Privacy > Remember xxx... you have three options. Check the one about what you enter in forms and search bar.

    Second choice (which I often use), is to highlight your email address once it's been typed in a search bar, and then drag that text to one corner of the desktop, where it gets saved as a text clipping. Thereafter, each time you need to enter that email address, simply drag it from the d/top to the search bar or form.

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    If you can't use autofill for some reason, try Butler. Multiple pasteboards and settings for just that situation.
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    Butler looks really complicated on first look. Can someone highlight its key features (which are not to be found in Quicksilver)

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