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    Application Switch Hotkey?
    I play an online game called Runescape that runs in a java app. It has an option for fullscreen mode and when that is turned on my dock disappears (it is supposed to). I listen to music while playing and I need some way to make a hotkey to switch from safari to itunes. Does anyone know of a hotkey to switch applications? Thanks in advance!

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    If you hold down the command key and hit tab, you'll see the icons for your running apps pop up on the screen. Keeping the command key down, you can use the tab key to select the next icons, or shift tab to go backwards. Once you let go of the keys whatever app is highlighted will be in the front.

    Or have you tried using expose´ while you're playing? It might still work.

    Or... you can always use an application launching program and set up hot keys to take you to certain applications. Quicksilver's cool.

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    While using Slingbox in full screen mode I use expose with hot corners. Also you could use spaces and switch between desktops.

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